Introducing Unobat 50


Another high-performance sports floor system from Junckers with low construction height and a high level of shock absorption.

For use in Multi-functional sports halls, from small leisure centres to large arenas. Very suited for refurbishment as well.

The Unobat 50 sports floor is a batten-based system designed for use over flat subfloors.

The 22 mm solid hardwood floorboards are fastened to a resilient subfloor consisting of single layer engineered battens with pre-attached special designed shock absorbing foam strips. The shock absorbing foam strips are inset into a “U” shaped channel on the underside of the batten. This design creates a built-in stop block, ensuring the long-term resilience of the system.


  • 22 x 129 x 3700mm  (7/8" x 5" x 12’) floorboards
  • Unobat 50 batten (sleeper): 28 x 45 x 3600 mm (9/10" x 1,77" x 11’ 9") shock absorbing foam strips included
  • 0.2 mm SylvaThene moisture barrier
  • Combi sports skirting

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