En vattenbaserad underhållsprodukt för trägolv inomhus som är anpassad till Junckers vatten- eller oljebaserade lacker.
Passar för sportområden. Återupplivar en glanslös yta, döljer små repor och skyddar golvet.

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Technical Information

General Description

Junckers Sports Refresher is a water based maintenance product for indoor wooden sports floors previously sealed with Junckers HP Sports lacquer.

Revives a dull looking surface, hides minor scratches and protects the floor.

Friction and resistance to wear properties are tested and approved according to the European Sports standard EN 14904.

Junckers Sports Refresher is specially formulated to allow it to be over coated with Junckers HP Sport lacquer. Only a light sanding before adding a new coat of Junckers HP Sports lacquer is necessary.

F 10.7

Surface Treatment Product Information Sports Refresher Sport

Product Description

Product: Water-based acrylic/polyurethane.

Appearance: Creamy/milky in the container. Colourless film when dry.

Technical Data

Coverage: 20-25 m² per litre.

Before application: Shake well before use.

Application tools: Flat floor mop.

Surface temperature: Minimum 15° C and maximum 25° C.

Dilution: Delivered ready for use. Dilution is not recommended.

Drying time at 20° C and 50 % RH - NY:

Approx. 1-2 hours .
Ready for light traffic after 3 hours
Retreatment after 3 hours. Apply only 2 coats per day.
​Fully cured after 72 hours.

Drying time at 20° C and 50 % RH:: Approx. 1-2 hours . Ready for light traffic after 3 hours Retreatment after 3 hours. Apply only 2 coats per day. Fully cured after 72 hours.

Cleaning of tools: Soap and water immediately after use

Storage: Lasts 1 year if unopened and stored at 20° C. Not to be exposed to temperatures below 5° C.

System Recommendations

All areas:
​1-2 coats of Junckers Sports Refresher.

The frequency of treatment depends on foot traffic levels. Floors with higher levels of traffic will require treatment more often.

Direction For Use

Maintenance of lacquered timber floors:
The lacquered surface must be absolutely clean, dry and free from dust, grease, polish and detergent residue. Dirt and irregularities can be removed by using Junckers SylvaCleaner and/or Junckers SylvaNeutralizer.

It is important to ensure that the existing lacquer is intact and is one of Junckers lacquer products before applying Junckers Sports Refresher.

Always conduct a trial application in an inconspicuous area. After drying check the appearance of the floor and adhesion by scraping with the edge of a coin.

It is recommended to work in smaller sections, avoiding overlaps and keeping a wet edge during application.

Apply an even thin layer and allow to dry. One coat is normally required, but two coats may be used for heavily trafficked areas.

Surfaces worn through:
​If the existing lacquer surface has worn through, the floor must first be sanded followed by priming and sealing with one of Junckers lacquer systems. 

Precautionary Measures

Before using the product, read the label on the container carefully and observe the recommended precautionary measures. See Material Safety Data Sheet for detailed information about precautionary measures.

Further Information

F 10.4 – Junckers Sylva Sport Cleaner
​F 10.3 - Junckers SylvaNeutralizer

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