Solid Hardwood Flooring | Commercial / Residential

C 1.1.1



This floor system consists of Junckers solid 2-strip boards and planks laid with clips on a resilient intermediate layer, which gives good walking comfort and step-sound reduction properties.

The system is suitable for laying in both residential and commercial buildings, and can be laid in combination with underfloor heating systems, see E 4.0.

Construction height from approx. 17 mm.

Please note that full information on a floor system comprises the data in C 1.0, C 1.1, 1.1.1 and C 1.1.2, see Fig.1.

Fig. 3



The clip system is installed as a floating floor on a dry, loadbearing subfloor of concrete, lightweight concrete, screed or wooden material. The subfloor must be flat, with a maximum deviation of 2 mm under a 1.5 metre straight edge (UK: 3 mm under 2 m straight edge). The surface must be smooth. Any minor irregularities must be corrected. The choice of intermediate layer depends on the structure of the subfloor and the moisture conditions. 


Boards are laid in a continuous, irregular pattern with header joints distributed randomly across the entire floor. To avoid waste, the offcut from the last completed row is used to start one of the following rows. Header joints are glued using Junckers SylvaFix header joint adhesive.


For concrete or screeded floors where there is a risk of residual moisture Junckers PolyFoam is used, see H 3.6.

On wooden subfloors JunckersFoam is used, see H 3.5.

For further detailed information on choice of intermediate layer see C 1.1 - Intermediate layer. 


The loadbearing strength of the clip system depends on the type of load and subfloor. In some cases the total widthways expansion of the floor, depending on the room’s climate and the clip size, can also be of significance. The frequency of point loads is also important.

Table 2 presents stiffness and bearing strength in accordance with the load classes in EN 1991-1-1.

For further definition of load classes and types, see C 1.0 – Stiffness and bearing strength.

  Loading types Loading types
Loading category Area- and Point load Wheel load
Residential + Office
Approved (all products) Polystyrene: 30+40 kg/m3 approved* Approved (all products) Polystyrene: 30+40 kg/m3 approved* 
C1+C2+C3+D1: Public buildings and shopping areas Approved (20.5 and 22 mm only) Polystyrene: 40 kg/m3 approved* Approved (20.5 and 22 mm only) Polystyrene: 40 kg/m3 approved* 

* On top of the polystyrene a load spreading sheet of minimum 10 mm chipboard or plywood with tongue and groove are used. 



Boards: approx. 2% wastage
Clips: see C 1.1 - clips
Intermediate layer: approx. 10% wastage
Junckers SylvaFix: 1 bottle, 0.75 litres per 50 m2
Junckers expansion strips: 2 x floor widthe.

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